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Extended to warm water separator tips, Jie Lida tu

  • Extended to warm water separator tips, Jie Lida tu
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:59
  • Extended to warm water separator tips, Jie Lida tube industry

         The warm water separator is now an indispensable part of the functional family, the use of the method is directly related to the life of the warm water separator, the following talk about the extension of the warm water separator life tips, we hope to help.

    1, cleaning. There is a filter on the front end of the manifold, during the annual heating period on a regular or irregular basis of the filter at the bottom of the filter removed to carry out cleaning to ensure that the water inside the clean. In addition, after the heating is finished, the pipe is rinsed with water.

    2, the valve. If the household is not at home for a long time, but the functional equipment is normally open, the total volume of the manifold can be reduced by the amount of circulating water, and can not be closed. In the whole winter if the room is not heating, should be the tube of water blowing.

    3, thermostat. The water separator can be divided into the room or area of the heating temperature, the user can adjust the temperature of the room according to their own; water separator manual exhaust valve, the user can own the gas inside the pipeline to ensure that the pipeline The heating temperature.

    4, temperature control. Heating at the beginning, the temperature will not immediately felt during this period of indoor ground concrete layer is gradually heating, storage of heat, to be 2-4 days later, you can achieve the design temperature. Such as the user's own heating water temperature should not exceed 65 ℃.

           On the other hand, in the floor heating system to warm the water heater cleaning maintenance is also very important. After long-term use, it is easy to warm the pipe and the warm water pipe connection and other important positions to form a knot, a long time do not wash more likely to cause pipe embolism, affecting the heating water and temperature, serious or even loss of heating function. Therefore, it is recommended that after two to three heating periods, especially after the end of the heating is best to clean the geothermal system to carry out maintenance cleaning

To warm the daily use of the water needs to pay at

  • To warm the daily use of the water needs to pay at
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:58
  • To warm the daily use of the water needs to pay attention to, Jie Lida reminders

           The first time to use the warm water separator, because the pipeline itself, the existence of the pressure, will make the water can not enter well, resulting in the operation of the warm water is not normal, so the first use, it should be inside the air discharge. The operation method is very simple, the following small series to do a brief introduction.

          First turn off the heating of the overall return valve and the loop of the control valve, and then select the warm water on a control valve to open, and then open the water separator on the drain valve on the exhaust valve, drain the air And then close the valve, while opening the next valve. In this way, so that each air will be drained and then open the valve, after the completion of each route to ensure that the air can be ruled out, the system can be normal operation.

          After the first exhaust can be hot water, should be gradually added to the hot water, open the warm water separator water supply total loop valve, the water temperature gradually increased into the pipeline circulation, and check the warm water heater interface, , At the same time one by one to open the road gate, under normal circumstances to run the water separator, such as encountered problems such as pipeline water seepage, the main valve should be closed and then contact the supplier. Water dispenser, sub-catchment, to warm the water separator, geothermal water separator information first Jie Lida.

How does the floor warmer work?

  • How does the floor warmer work?
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:57
  • Floor under the laying of pipes, the way to warm the heating is an advanced and effective way of heating, because the hot air to rise, so the air is warm in the space together with the soles of the feet directly to the heat source to achieve the heating effect Naturally effective. To warm the main system

    Three aspects, for the heating system, control system and heat transfer system, and the control system is the core of the whole floor to warm the water is the control of the entire control system hub.

    The main role of the warm water separator is the partial pressure, when the hot water into the room, after filtering into the main pipeline, this filter can make the impurities in the water filter out, so as to avoid the accumulation of impurities in the pipeline, resulting in pipeline Clogging and loss of heating effect. Main water

    So that the main bar can be equal at the same height so that the hot water can be evenly distributed to each branch. After the heat exchange system after the various branches of the hot water and then flow back to the main bar, so that the hot water recycling at this time the actual temperature of hot water is still high,

    The efficiency saves the resources. The principle of the warm water separator is simple, but this simple principle supports the core of the floor heating system and plays an extremely important role. Water dispenser, sub-catchment, to warm the small mystery of the water separator, visit the daily Zhejiang Jie Li Da Pipe Co., Ltd. can know


When the winter gradually warming, [Zhejiang water

  • When the winter gradually warming, [Zhejiang water
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:47
  • With the gradual warming of the climate, the use of warm water separator products in various regions to become increasingly strong demand. Especially in many northern areas, the demand for heating is always there. So, for the use of Zhejiang water users need to pay attention to what the basic skills? Generally speaking, do this work generally need to adhere to the following:

    1. Heating temperature control

        In the use of the process, the user needs to according to their actual needs to control the room temperature. To know that in the heating process, the temperature of each room can be controlled by shunt, very flexible.

    2. Clean the filter

        It should be noted that, in the absence of the use of a period of time, the need for the front of the filter to thoroughly clean the filter, otherwise it is easy to lead to excessive accumulation of impurities, the long run will cause greater pollution of water quality, which It is not ideal.

    3. The upper limit of temperature

        In the heating process, the temperature rise is relatively slow, so it is impossible to immediately feel the temperature changes. In addition, in the use of time need to pay attention to that, that is, the maximum temperature must be controlled at 65 degrees Celsius below, otherwise it is easy because of too many problems caused by the generation.

    4. Water dispenser http://www.petterhedman.com/index.php?s=/products.html Total valve can not be closed

        Some users because of long-term home is not always the reason, always used to the product total valve closed, it is very undesirable, only need to adjust the water to a minimum. If all closed, then the performance of the product will decline, which for future use is extremely unfavorable. In fact, the use of the product and the general use of home appliances no different, mastered the correct use of methods and maintenance techniques will be able to maximize its performance.

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What factors affect the use of electric ball valve

  • What factors affect the use of electric ball valve
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:46

    Electric ball valve in the use of the process, the most affected the main factors: friction, wandering, valve shaft twist, amplifier and so on.

        1, different control valve on the friction is not the same, such as the rotary valve for the high seat load caused by the friction is very sensitive, so use this note. But for some sealed type of high seat, the load is necessary to get off the level. The effect of this deviation on the process is obvious and is simply decisive.

        2, wear. Valve http://www.petterhedman.com/index.php?s=/products/show/pid/57.html Wear in normal use is inevitable, but the wear and tear of the lubrication layer is the most powerful, the other Pressure caused by the load will also lead to the wear of the seal layer, which are the main factors leading to increased friction.

        3, filler friction is the main source of friction control valve, the use of different filler, the friction caused by a great difference.

        4, the type of different agencies also have a fundamental impact on the friction, in general, the spring film actuator is better than the piston actuator.

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